Harry Kroto  “I’m conscious that I was very fortunate to get a place at Bolton School, so I’m very keen to see possibilities for young people, who have the potential that I obviously had, to be able to go to the School. I think in today’s financial climate, it is important to recognise that Bolton School is making an effort to open up possibilities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds … so that their potential can be realised. I think that’s fantastic.”

Professor Sir Harry Kroto FRS (Class of 1958), recipient of a Direct Grant place.

Winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Lydia Brian

“I am the first in my family to attend university and the aspirations I have now are worlds away from those I would have thought possible had I not attended Bolton School. The School has shaped me into someone who strives to make the most of opportunities: I couldn’t have even imagined being where I am now had I not attended Bolton School.”

Lydia Brian (Class of 2011), Bursary recipient.

Read International Business with French at the University of Birmingham.

Toryn Dalton“More than a decade ago, I was awarded a bursary to study at Bolton School. Without question, the seven happy and productive years I spent there were fundamental to my development as a professional and as an individual. It is my conviction that every child should have the ultimate avenue to social mobility, education, made open to them. It is for this reason I am proud to donate regularly to the Bursary Fund, and would implore other Old Boys and Old Girls to do the same.”

Toryn Dalton (Class of 2010), Bursary recipient.

Read Natural Sciences at Cambridge, now working in the pharmaceuticals industry.